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Armand Bayou Nature Center


We need your leaves!

Posted by Elisa ONeal on November 27, 2020 23:34 CST
Category: News

Don't throw away your leaf bag, compost it with us!For one month only, we are asking that you drop off your leaf bag in the recycling area in our front parking lot. From there Gene Fisseler and Tom Scarscella will move it to a cleared area in the back portion of the sugar cane field. The two have partnered up to help create a compost area there where we hope to eventually recycle our bagasse (pressed cane) after the Harvest Festival. In year's past we have been hauling bagasse off-site to be recycled which is energy intensive and robs potential nutrients from our soil. Let's turn it into compost for our own needs. Your leaf bag contributions will help build the volume needed to get this compost going. So up until the end of December, don't leave it on the curb, bring it to the recycling area! If you have questions, contact Tom Scarscella at frozencat507@gmail.com.
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