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Armand Bayou Nature Center


Animal Etiquette for the Public

Posted by Liz VanOrstrand on June 27, 2017 12:06 CDT
Category: News

We have noticed that people need to be reminded about Animal Etiquette. Kristin has given us a few did different lines we can use to remind them of how to act. Please remember that most people don't understand that animals get stressed just like we do. It is our job to help them understand this universal concept. We all need to help people understand how to better connect with our resources.

Animal Etiquette for the Public
" Try to keep in mind that you are entering the animal's home and we want to keep them comfortable. Loud noises and rapid movements startle them."
" The quieter you are when observing educational ambassadors and wildlife, the more likely you are to observe their natural and interesting behavior. Try to avoid loud noises and rapid movements."
" When it comes to the educational ambassadors and wildlife you may see here at the Nature Center, remember proper viewing etiquette. Which includes, keeping voices low, limiting disruptive movement, not throwing items at animals/into enclosures, not tapping on glass/fence, and keeping hands and feet outside of enclosures." 
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